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Toribio is a Costa Rican brand created in March 2014 by Óscar Hernández, agricultural-environmental engineer immersed in the world of design.

Influenced by his upbringing in a rural environment, he accentuates tradition, beauty, and sustainable and native elements in his unique creations through the brand that carries the name of his father, whom he honors for his legacy in leather work.

More than just a brand, Toribio, was founded based on the designer’s passion for leather work and to support the people of his community in order to improve their lives through a sustainable business model that encompasses three pillars: environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, and social responsibility.

Through this business model, Toribio has created a space where collaborators are given the opportunity to grow and develop new skills, making them aware of the impact their efforts have on the environment.

The brands creative process involves unlimited time dedicated to research and development (R & D), with the aim of using only sustainable materials and production processes that guarantee coherence with the values of social responsibility and environmental sustainability which are at the heart of the brand.